Yulu – zen onderrichtingen

22 – Daoxin’s mystic fusion

A zen teaching (yulu) by Daoxin (580-651). When mind of itself is peaceful and clean, then all that is needed is bold advance as if saving your head from burning. You must not slack off or get lazy. Try hard, try hard! When beginners sit in meditation to contemplate mind: sit alone someplace. First straighten … Lees meer

21 – Bassui’s inherent nature

A teaching (yulu) by Bassui (1327-1387). Someone asked me: “If all existing form is possessed of the three poisons [greed, anger and delusion], who among buddhas, ancestors, saints, and wise men can escape them?” I responded: “Just wake up to your own nature, and the three poisons will be transformed into obeying the precepts, meditation, … Lees meer

20 – Bodhidharma’s way

A teaching (yulu) by Bodhidharma (5th century), founding teacher of the zen tradition. There are many avenues for entering the Way, but essentially they all are of two kinds:A. entering through the principle,B. and entering through practice. ad A. “Entering through the Principle” is awakening to the essential by means of the teachings. It requires … Lees meer

19 – Hakuin’s song of zazen

A zen teaching (yulu) from master Hakuin (1686-1769). From the beginning all beings are Buddha.Like water and ice, without water no ice,Outside us no Buddhas. How near the truth, yet how far we seek,Like one in water crying “I thirst.”Like a child of rich birthwand’ring poor on this earth,we endlessly circle the six worlds. The … Lees meer

18 – Baizhang’s awareness

A zen teaching (yulu) from master Baizhang (8th century). When facing the end, all are beautiful scenes appearing – according to what the mind likes, the most impressive are experienced first. If you do not do bad things right now, then at this time, facing death, there will be no unpleasant scenes. Even if there … Lees meer

17 – Huihai’s control

A zen teaching (yulu) from master Huihai (8th century). Once a Taoist, happening to pass by, asked: ‘Is there anything in the world more marvellous than the forces of nature?’M: ‘There is.’ Q: ‘And what is that?’M: ‘The power of comprehending those natural forces.’ Q: ‘Is cosmic vitality the Way (Tao)?’M: ‘Cosmic vitality is cosmic … Lees meer

16 – Torei’s embrace

A teaching (yulu) from Torei Enji, 1721-1792, a disciple and successor of Hakuin. The monks of our school do not know how to set the body at ease and be obedient to the Dharma. Nowadays they often mistake their uninteresting views for ‘Zen’. They do not peruse the sutras and treatises [shastra’s], but rather query … Lees meer

15 – Nagarjuna’s mind

A teaching (yulu) from master Nagarjuna (c. 150 – c. 250) on the mind as root of freedom. All that arises is suffering; cravingIs its vast origination.Its cessation is liberation – the path forAttaining this is the Eightfold Arya [Noble] Path. That being so, strive – always –In order to see the Four Arya [Noble] … Lees meer