02 – Shibayama roshi

Dharma teaching by Zenkei Shibayama (1894-1974):

A Zen master said in his teisho [dharma-talk]: “Whenever it may be, wherever you may be, your mind is at peace, because there’s no mind outside your body; because there’s no body outside your mind. Since your body and mind have already dropped away, what is there to be pacified or not pacified? How wonderful is this mind that is always just at peace!”
Let me add my words here. It is said, “However wonderful a thing it may be, it is better not to have it at all!” A Zen man ought not to be easily self-satisfied.

Shibayama, Zenkei: The gateless barrier;
Zen comments on the Mumonkan. New York 1974, p. 290