06 – Hongzhi’s fullness

A dharma teaching by Hongzhi (1091-1157):

Practice in emptiness and forget conditioning as dazzling light gleams from the shadows. When each portion of spirit is luminous and unhindered, the mind of the three times is interrupted and the four material elements are in balance.

Transparent and marvelously bright, in solitary glory for multitudinous kalpas, a patch-robed monk can practice like this and not be bound by life and death. In upright practice let go from the edge of the high cliff, not grabbing anything. The ropes around your feet are severed. In wholeness take one step. The buddhas and ancestors all do not reach one’s own genuine, wondrously illuminating field, which is called one’s self.

At this juncture sustain the family business. Just when involved in deliberations, turn around from the stream of thoughts. Empty with enduring spirit, pure with enduring illumination, clear and white, reed flowers and bright moonlight are mixed together. Oars pulled in, the solitary boat drifts past without difficulty.

At this time please tell me, who would be anxious to display the eye of discrimination?

Leighton, Taigen Dan: Cultivating the empty field;
The silent illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi.
Boston 2000, p 50