15 – Nagarjuna’s mind

A dharma teaching by Nagarjuna (c. 150 – c. 250):

All that arises is suffering; craving
Is its vast origination.
Its cessation is liberation – the path for
Attaining this is the Eightfold Arya [Noble] Path.

That being so, strive – always –
In order to see the Four Arya [Noble] Truths.
Even those householders in whose laps rest great worldly riches
Can, through knowledge, cross the river of the mental afflictions.

Further, those who gained realization of Dharma did not
Fall from the sky nor sprout from the ground like crops.
They were, before, just ordinary
Persons subject to the mental afflictions.

What need to preach much to the fearless?
Subdue your mind – this is the most useful
And essential of instructions. The Bhagavan [Buddha]
Said mind is the root of Dharma.

(Lobsang Tharchin and Engle, A.: Nagarjuna’s Letter;
Nagarjuna’s ‘Letter to a Friend’, With a Commentary By the Venerable Rendawa.
Dharamsala 1979, p. 126-127)