17 – Huihai’s control

A dharma teaching by Huihai (8th century, disciple of Mazu):

Once a Taoist, happening to pass by, asked: ‘Is there anything in the world more marvellous than the forces of nature?’
M: ‘There is.’

Q: ‘And what is that?’
M: ‘The power of comprehending those natural forces.’

Q: ‘Is cosmic vitality the Way (Tao)?’
M: ‘Cosmic vitality is cosmic vitality. The Tao is the Tao.’

Q: ‘If so, they must be two different things?’
M: ‘That which knows does not proceed from two different persons.’

Q: ‘What is wrong and what is right?’
M: ‘Wrong is the mind that attends to externals; right is the mind that brings externals under control.’

(Blofeld, John: Zen teachings of instantanious awakening;
being the teaching of the Zen master Huihai. London 2007, p. 118)