Yulu – zen onderrichtingen

14 – Dahui’s wisdom

A teaching (yulu) from zen master Dahui (1088-1163) on knowledge and enlightenment. There are three mistakes. Saying you are obstructed by knowledge is one, saying you are not yet enlightened and willingly being deluded is another, and going on within delusion to use mind to wait for enlightenment is another. These three mistakes are the … Lees meer

13 – Mazu’s truth

A dharma talk by zen master Mazu (709–788). Here the contents of this fragment: “All dharmas [all phenomena] are mind dharmas; all names are mind names. The myriad dharmas are all born from the mind; the mind is the root of the myriad dharmas. The sutra says, ‘It is because of knowing the mind and … Lees meer

12 – Dogen’s certainty

Spoken by Eihei Dogen (1200-1255) at the beginning of a summer retreat. Here the contents of this fragment: Once when Zikong was at Tiantong monastery in Siming at the beginning of a summer retreat he said, “For people in meditation the most important thing is that the nostrils be right; then the eyes must be … Lees meer

11 – Linji’s freedom

“If you want to be free to live or to die, to go or to stay as you would put on or take off clothes, then right now recognize the one listening to my discourse, the one who has no form, no characteristics, no root, no source, no dwelling place, and yet is bright and … Lees meer

10 – Yunmen’s commitment

My brothers, if there is one who has attained it, he passes his days in conformity with the ordinary. If you have not yet attained it, you must at any price avoid pretending that you have. You must not waste your time, and you need very much to pay close attention! The old men definitely … Lees meer

09 – Yantou’s treasure

As soon as he arrived at master Te Shan’s place, Hsueh Feng asked him, “Does this student [Hsueh Feng] have any share in this matter handed down from antiquity as the fundamental vehicle?”Te Shan struck him a blow and said, “What are you saying?”Because of this, Hsueh Feng had an insight. Later Hsueh Feng told … Lees meer

08 – Dongshan’s flame

When Shenshan had picked up a needle to mend clothes, Master Dongshan asked, “What are you doing?”“Mending,” answered Shenshan.“In what way do you mend?” asked the Master.“One stitch is like the next,” said Shenshan.“We’ve been traveling together for twenty years, and you can still say such a thing! How can there be such craftiness?” said … Lees meer

07 – Vimalakirti’s pleasure

The daughters of the gods asked:What is this pleasure that has as its object the garden of the Law (dharma)? Vimalakirti replied: It is the pleasure which consists in believing firmly in the Buddha, in desiring to hear the Law (Dharma), attending to the community (Sangha), driving away pride and respecting the teachers, extricating oneself … Lees meer